" Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly "

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"Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of love or loneliness." 

I knew I just failed to finish my serial writing of previous travelog to Indonesia years ago on time. The last series ended at the end of my journey in Bandung & on my 8hours journey to Yogya if am not mistaken. About Yogya? So much to claim it takes a couple of months to finish.I can’t guarantee I’ll continue writing though. I’m so sorry from head to toe.  

“ My baby daughter, when you point to your belly button and ask “what’s this” with a grin on your face, my mouth says “belly button,” but my heart says:

This is the mark on your body that connects me to you. It doesn’t fade with age. It will always be there to remind you that my lifeblood is your lifeblood. You are a part of me; you grew with me, you ate with me, you cried with me. I knew you before I met you, I loved you before I knew you.

So when you look down at your belly button, know that although you are out in the world now, roaming, learning, laughing, being…you are still from me, you are still within me. An umbilical cord no longer connects our bodies, but a love that cannot be cut will always connect our hearts.

"And We have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination" (31:14).”

I never imagine I would be so sad looking at that one end corner of KLCC’s LRT station, le me gonna stay away from that place for sure, I don’t have any idea of how a kite’s flying park and all kinda park in KL can make me teary-eyed, I don’t have that urge feeling to step my feet into H&M at the moment, am trying to look away ..away from the reflection of myself in the LRT’s coach, hazelnut not merely a coffee though but as of right now I would rather sip and breathe cappuccino for peace, Oldtown White Coffee too? yes for God’s sake this is in the list too. 

Therefore, this would make me think that November ain’t that long way to go oh my 26th. Particularly burdensome to even witnessing but being away is the most preeminent. at the moment I reckoned. 

Mine became bigger or this shoes was shrinking that just pain can defined it - anyone? 

Someday… I’ll be going to that place again, alone , discover more and recall back what I’ve been doing all these years. Insyaallah . There will be that someday.  SR

Dear m & e

1. April 2014

Dr. Z : Ayu, you have to bear in mind that all this piping system is very important you know why? You can’t just simply design and fit it in one negative spaces that you have nearby.Take consideration of other services that will effect the smooth runn.sys of your design later on ok.

Me : haipp mdm..

Bro. Hzwn : yeaa yeaa.. it’s seriously important no kidding. If you take it easy then you’ll be “kena ” by the engineers involved in the project. Bcoz they are really particular with the m & e spaces that we provide. They are demanding for it.

Me : Oooooo…

Dr. Z : Yeah there is one engineer told me this stuff back then ,in a conference about m & e services. He said :

Please, give me (the engineer) spaces that I need, NOT spaces that you (the architect) don’t need.

You got what I mean? They don’t want negative spaces from us .lolol.

Me : Ooooo…But me here is struggling with my own spaces still. and I guarantee you only the negative spaces are available for them. lolol

Bro. Hzwn : sighh.. I’m just telling you the truth, the reality I’m facing currently with the engineers. ( this super senior is working with JKR now if am not mistaken)

Dr. Z : Okay? go back and try to refine those spaces that I’ve mentioned before. It will be better.

Me : Sure madam..

As of now I’m indulging myself with the spaces that I don’t need… with that “I don’t need spaces”, I could only think of you m & e .sorry..kuikui


“Carilah alasan untuk membeli barang yang mereka jajakan. Meski tidak terlalu kita butuhkan.” [Ikhwah Gaul]
"Sesungguhnya seseorang di antara kamu yang bekerja mencari kayu bakar, diikatkan di punggungnya kayu itu (untuk memikulnya) adalah lebih baik daripada ia meminta-minta, yang kemungkinan diberi ataupun tidak." [HR. Bukhari]
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