" Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly "

K. Lots of cheese. K. Good to try. 

For I just sit down when hour nearing 5 in the morning, for I just wasting my time scrolling ups and downs this one insta-famous-so creative-nature shots, for a spoon full of kuey teow goreng with mr.egg I longing for during sahur, for that time being I was in silent, thinking through, I guess am fucking missing something about seeing world through the eyes of my lens. My fingertips started to itch calling for a shutter click and release. Just then, I do realized how time flies by so fast ……

-Will be continued not too soon so don’t wait.

Hey pimple pimple my pimple..:D

Heritage Studies 2014 | kaed

Hey N .